Everything you need to know about BMW Ride for Life Challenge

How can I enter?

Just click on the “Enter Now” button at the top of the page, or click here to be redirected to the online entry system.

When will entries close?

Online registrations will close on Thursday 24th October, 2019 at midnight.

Can I still register on the day?

You can also enter at the Event Venue on Saturday 26 October (9am-2pm) and on Sunday 27 October (from 4:45am). Payments by cash or credit card only.

Please note: late registration fee of $10 will apply.

What do I receive for my entry fee?

Rider packs include your rider briefing, your bike number sticker, event jersey and sponsors goodies. Your entry fee also includes a full police escort around the 80km course, halfway stop refreshment, finish line hydration zone, mechanical and first aid support, ride guides, post-ride breakfast and a great day out on the bike!

Can I request a refund?

Once your entry is processed no refunds will be given and entries cannot be transferred to another participant, unless you satisfy one of the following options:

a)  You notify the Event Organiser in writing by Sunday 11 August 2019 that you are no longer able to participate, in which case a full refund will be offered, minus an administration fee of $25.

b)  You notify the Event Organiser in writing from Monday 12 August 2019 but before Friday 18 October 2019 that you are no longer able to participate, in which case you will have the option of transferring your entry to another participant, but no refunds will be possible.

Does it cost extra to register a team?

There is no cost associated towards creating a team. Simply register yourself, create a team and then round up your friends, family and colleagues to join. Everyone needs to register themselves individually, and can join the team during the registration process.

Can I purchase merchandise on the day?

There may be leftover merchandise available for purchase from the Registration Tent on Saturday 26 October (9am-2pm) and Sunday 27 October (from 4:45am). To avoid disappointment we recommend you place your order online here.

To ensure you purchase the correct size, please refer to our sizing chart.

Where can I go to collect my rider pack? Can rider packs be posted?

If you have registered by September 29, you have the option of getting your rider pack posted to you for a postage fee of $15. This option will be available to you during the registration process if entering by 29 September. Packs will be sent to participants in the first two weeks of October.

If you enter after this date, or choose not to have your pack posted, your rider pack can be collected from the Event Venue on Saturday 26 October from 9am-2pm.

Any merchandise purchased will be sent with your rider pack or available at kit collection, whichever is applicable to you.

What if I am unable to collect my pack, can someone else pick up my rider pack?

No identification is required to pick up rider packs, so you can certainly ask someone else to pick up your pack on your behalf.

To avoid confusion, if you do collect someone’s pack on their behalf, please ensure they are aware so there is no double up of pack collection.

I want to fundraise, but I don’t know where to start. Where can I get more information?

Great news! We will have more information on how you can fundraise for our event beneficiary, Guide Dogs Queensland here very soon.

What time does the ride start?

As the format of this cycling event is very different to other rides, careful planning and timings need to be calculated once the bulk of our riders have entered. The Participant Briefing, which includes the starting times, will be made available well in advance of the event.

We can confirm though, most of the pack starting times are quite spread out (5am-7am, and we aim to have all packs returning to the finish line within 30min of each other so we can all have breakfast together.

When should I get to the start site?

It is recommended you arrive at the start site at least 20 minutes prior to your pack start time so that you don’t miss the briefing. The Participant Briefing, which includes your briefing time which will take place at the starting line, will be made available well in advance of the event.

Is it a race?

No! The format of this event is different to any other. You will ride in a pack of your riding ability, 2 abreast, with ride guides in the lead and tail. You must stay with the pack at all times, or will be considered not part of the event.

What is ride etiquette?

In the interest of providing a safe and enjoyable event experience for all participants, cyclists should be mindful of ride etiquette:


  • Keep to the left to allow passing cyclists to overtake on the right
  • Do not ride more than 2 abreast
  • Call out for pot holes and glass
  • Indicate when turning
  • Call out when slowing or stopping
  • Do not stop/change directions suddenly
  • Always follow the directions of ride guides, Queensland Police and emergency service personnel

Is there a minimum age requirement?

There are age minimums for this event is 18 years of age.

If you are a parent or guardian and you believe your child is capable of riding the distance, navigating open road conditions confidently, and is used to riding in a pack formation, then we are able to make an exception for those that are within 2 years of the age minimum. Please contact us by email on events@chem.net.au to obtain permission. Please ensure you state the child’s riding experience, coaches name/number if applicable, and any other relevant information.

Can we ride as a group?

Because the Ride for Life Challenge is a unique event, unless you are all of the same riding ability, we can’t promise you’ll be placed in the same speed group. It is important that you don’t overestimate your riding ability to ride with friends, as this might result in falling off the back of a pack if you are unable to keep up. If you would like to ride with friends, we recommend you enter into the slowest speed of your groups ability.

In the case that we have two start times for the same speed, and you have ended up being separated from your friends of the same speed, we can switch over your bike number at the registration desk.

Will the ride go ahead if it’s raining?

Riders should be prepared for all possible weather conditions. Bike tyres and tubes are more vulnerable to damage if the roads are wet. We will have mechanical vehicles staggered between packs on course to help riders wherever possible, but with hundreds of people participating in this event, it may take some time for us to get to you.

It would be beneficial if you bring some spare tubes and patches with you (if you know how to repair your own bike) to ensure you are back on the road quickly to join the next pack coming through.

The event will go ahead in rain or shine, unless there is a significant danger to participants due to poor visibility, electrical storm or strong winds. If this occurs, a notification will be posted on our website, Facebook, and participants will be notified via email and SMS at 4am on the morning of the event.

What happens if I breakdown or if I can't complete the ride?

Please ensure your cycle pack guide or support vehicle personnel are aware of your mechanical issue, and they will call through your location to a mechanic. Please be aware that it could take some time for a mechanic to attend depending on how many other mechanical issues have taken place before yours. The cycle pack must proceed without riders who have had a mechanical issue or unable to continue on, as we cannot allow packs to pass one another on course and start timings and averages are calculated as such. You may have the opportunity to get a lift with a support crew to the halfway mark, finish line or closest public transport station if you are unable to utilise your bike.

What type of bikes are permitted in the event?

Due to the pack format of the event, we can only accept road bikes taking part. No electric bikes or kick bikes are permitted in the event, and we highly advise against riding a mountain bike or hybrid unless proven you can maintain the speed group average and are familiar with pack riding. If you are unsure, please contact us on 1300 132 891.

Will I be covered by insurance in case of an accident?

Participants are not covered for personal accident insurance by this event, unless the participant is a current member of Bicycle Queensland or another approved insurance provider. It is recommended participants obtain personal accident insurance before the Event. This is available through membership of Bicycle Queensland.

Where can I leave my belongings?

There will be a baggage tent at the Registration Desk for you to leave any belongings. Please ensure clothing is wrapped in sealed plastic bags for weather protection and is clearly labelled. All care will be taken but we accept no responsibility for lost or damaged items.

What should I bring with me on the ride?

Your event jersey!

And we recommended all participants bring two filled water bottles with them, as well as enough nutrition to get them through the 80km ride. All riders will receive some nutrition in their goodie bag, as well as at the halfway mark and finish line.

We also suggest riders carry a spare tube and puncture kit, and to get their bike serviced before the ride!

Does the ride cater towards different cycling skill levels?

Yes! We have different speed groupings starting from 22kmph average over the 80km course, all the way through to 33kmph. It is advised though, that all cyclists are familiar with pack riding and have adequately trained for this event.

How can I find out more about this event?

If you need any further information, please contact the CHEM EVENTS team via phone or email:

Phone: 1300 132 891 | Emailevents@chem.net.au

What else can I expect on the day?

Once you have crossed the finish line, head over to the Guide Dogs Queensland breakfast tent and plate up. BOQ will also have some refreshments and Endura are hosting a rehydration station.  A quick presentation will take place, but mostly you’ll just chill out and catch up with friends, sharing stories about your day out on the bike.

Is there parking at the event?

Yes, plenty! We have gained access to a large parking lot located within a few hundred metres of the event venue. Please follow the event parking signage into the fenced off carpark which is located riverside of MacArthur Ave, next to Northshore Harbour Café.

Please avoid parking on MacArthur Ave as this will only cause delays with our cycle pack departures and minimise riding space around the venue.

Will mechanical assistance be available on the course?

Yes! The PP Custom Bike Repair team will be at the start line, on course and at the halfway mark to assist with any mechanical issues. But make sure you are prepared to change your own tyre as the team could be busy with other riders.

Will medical assistance be available at the event?

Yes, we have sport specific trained first aid at our event. They will be at the start/finish area, on course and at the halfway mark.

Medical conditions that may affect you during the event should be clearly detailed on your bike sticker attached to your bike, including emergency contact details.

Will there be a rest stop along the way?

Yes! All speed groups will stop at the halfway mark (approx 40km) at Cleveland Point Reserve to refuel and take a toilet break. Please note that each group has a different waiting period at the halfway mark, so be sure to listen out for when your pack is departing.

There will be water, electrolyte, jelly beans and fruit available at the halfway rest stop.