Terms & Conditions of Entry - Ride for Life Challenge - Sunday 28 October, 2018


1. Entries must be made by the only official entry form, be fully completed and the declaration accepted, otherwise the entry may become void.

2. Once this entry is processed no refunds will be given and entries cannot be transferred to another participant, unless you satisfy one of the following options:

a. You notify the Event Organiser in writing by Thursday 9 August 2018 that you are no longer able to participant, in which case a full refund will be offered, minus an administration fee of $15.

b. You notify the Event Organiser in writing from Friday 10 August 2018 but before Friday 19 October 2018 that you are no longer able to participant, in which case you will have the option of transferring your entry to another participant.

3. When entering, it is the responsibility of the entrant to read the event, ride format and course information available on the website.

4. The organiser reserves the right to reject or cancel an entry at any time.

Participant’s Agreement

WARNING: This is a legal document that affects your rights.

I hereby apply to participate in the 2018 Brisbane BMW and Westside BMW Ride for Life Challenge (“Event”). In consideration of my application for entry to the Event being accepted, I acknowledge and agree that:

1) Only these terms and conditions and terms which cannot be excluded by law bind Kobai Group Pty Limited ABN 92 139 911 916 (“Event Organiser”). All other conditions, warranties and representations are excluded. These terms and conditions can only be varied by the Event Organiser’s written agreement.

2) I will comply with these terms and conditions and any reasonable direction issued by the Event Organiser or its representatives.

3) I agree to participate in this event on the following basis:

  • I acknowledge that cycling involves the real risk of serious injury or even death from various causes including overexertion, equipment failure, dehydration, accidents with other participants, support vehicles or road users, and course or weather conditions to name a few.
  • I understand that I should not participate in this event unless I have trained appropriately and a medical practitioner has verified my physical condition.
  • By participating, I accept all risks necessarily flowing from my participation that could result in loss of life or permanent injury. Accordingly, I release all people associated with the conduct of the event from, and will indemnify them against, all liability (including liability for their negligence) for all injury, loss or damage (including loss of life and personal injury) arising out of or connected with my participation in this event. For clarification, the people released include event organisers, promoters, sponsors, managers including their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors and volunteers including event medical and paramedical personnel. This release and indemnity continues forever and binds my heirs, executors, personal representatives and assigns.
  • I consent to receiving any medical treatment that event first aid think desirable during or after the event.
  • I consent to event organisers using my name, image and likeness, before, during or after the event, for event promotional broadcasting or reporting purposes in any media.
  • Participants are not covered for personal accident insurance by this event, unless the participant is a current member of Bicycle Queensland or another approved insurance provider. It is recommended participants obtain personal accident insurance before the Event. This is available through membership of Bicycle Queensland.
  • Safety precautions undertaken by organisers (such as course guidance, safety briefings, provision of mechanics and first aid) are a service to me and other participants, but are not a guarantee of safety.
  • I am fully responsible for the security of my personal possessions at the event.
  • My registration is not transferable to other people, unless approved by the Event Organiser. If I am unable to participate, or if the event is cancelled, my registration fee is non-refundable.
  • I have attached to my entry form details of any medical or physical conditions from which I suffer that might affect my ability to take part in the event or be relevant if medical treatment is needed.
  • I agree to abide by all road rules and directions issued by the event organiser.
  • I certify that I have read this document and fully understand it.
  • I acknowledge this waiver and release binds my heirs, successors, executors and administrators.

4) I acknowledge that event organisers may forward my details to the event charities and I may be contacted by the charities in relation to fundraising for the event.

5) I understand that all donations processed by the Event Charity are non-refundable and nontransferrable, if I do not participate in the Event. I further understand that my registration fee is non-refundable, non-transferrable, does not apply toward my fundraising commitment and is not tax deductible.

6) I acknowledge that event organisers may forward my details to Brisbane BMW and Westside BMW and I may be contacted by them in relation to this event.

7) I acknowledge that I may receive written communication from the Event Organiser, outside of this event.